Cart Leasing Case Studies

Examples of Retail Merchandising Units (RMUs) or cart leases across the U.S.

RMUs (retail merchandising units), also known as carts, are ideal for brands looking to expand with limited time and financial investment. These customizable setups are a great way for businesses to gain exposure for a new product or test a new market.

Mall vendor carts, positioned in the busy common areas of our properties, provide the perfect platform for specialized product sales, launches and test marketing. Brookfield Properties Retail Group is on hand to help you prepare for these activations.

Below, explore a few examples of businesses that have opened RMUs or retail carts at our properties. Reach out to discover the possibilities for your business. 

Enso Rings

Silicone Wedding Bands at Tucson Mall in Tucson, AZ

Prior to successfully pitching their concept to ABC's Shark Tank in October of 2017, Enso Rings chose Tucson Mall to test sales of their silicone Elements wedding band line in a brick and mortar retail location. Having almost lost both their wedding rings (and hands) during outdoor activities, co-founders Aaron and Brighton created an innovative silicone band that would be safer to wear every day. At their cart in Tucson Mall, Enso Rings lets shoppers see and feel these versatile silicone rings before they buy.


Cosset Bath and Body

Handmade Natural Bath Products at Fashion Place in Murray, UT

Local to Salt Lake City, Cosset Bath and Body has five Utah locations, including the cart at Fashion Place. Cosset Bath and Body’s natural products are made locally by hand and often contain all-natural, therapeutic ingredients. Their RMU at Fashion Place exposes this growing brand to a new demographic of shoppers further from its original location in the Historic Trolley Square building in Salt Lake City.




Inspirational Clothing Brand at Fashion Place in Murray, UT

This unique, inspirational clothing brand that aims to encourage an adventurous lifestyle is available at an RMU (retail merchandising unit) at Fashion Place in Murray, Utah. The flexibility and visibility of a cart allows B'Hood to showcase its clothing line to Utah shoppers without investing in an inline store.


V Chocolates

Local Specialty Chocolates at Fashion Place in Murray, UT

Opening their first factory on the outskirts of Salt Lake City, local V Chocolates offers their unique selection of handmade Belgian chocolates, toffees, caramels, fruits and truffles to shoppers at Fashion Place in Murray, Utah. Reaching local shoppers who are likely familiar with the brand named twice on "Oprah’s Favorite Things List," V Chocolates chose an RMU in Fashion Place to make their product available to see, touch and even taste before purchase.


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