A Sweet Expansion Story

Brookfield Properties partnered with Lolli and Pops to create 40 new store locations 

Brookfield Properties works with some of the largest brands in the world, and takes great pride in growing smaller brands into popular retail staples. Our team is available to help a broad spectrum of retailers expand into new markets and open new store locations in our top-quality shopping centers.

Candy and confection retailer, Lolli and Pops, opened in 2012 with the mission of making the world a sweeter place. Brookfield Properties partnered with Lolli and Pops in 2017, and has since opened 40 of their locations at our shopping centers. In addition to high-quality, innovative sweets, the Lolli and Pops shops offer a unique ambiance with exceptional service and hospitality. Each store is designed to immerse customers in the emotional potential of the products being sold.

Brookfield Properties wants to help retailers reach new heights. Our shopping centers offer access to high foot traffic, loyal shoppers, and engaged community members. Working with Brookfield Properties means increased contact with your preferred clientele, and the opportunity to meet your brand expansion needs. 



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