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Tiffany T Pop-Up

Unique pop-up experience celebrates iconic jewelry collection 


With its bold graphic T shapes, the Tiffany T jewelry collection has become synonymous with style, minimalism, and glamour. The collection, which originally launched in 2014, has inspired the "This is a Tiffany T" experience, a pop-up installation that pays homage to the brand's iconic jewelry. 

The installation invites customers into an immersive and glittering experience that includes infinity mirrors and reflective surfaces featuring the letter T. Timeless and transcendent, the bold architectural lines of the letter T evoke strength and resilience and leave a lasting impression. 

The pop-up experience is located steps away from Tiffany & Co., where guests are encouraged to view the Tiffany T line and learn how the styles can be mixed, matched, stacked, and layered.



Brookfield Properties partners with brands to create memorable pop-up experiences that generate awareness and better connect with target customers. By creating experiences that offer consumers a unique and specialized shopping experience, we are changing the current landscape and shaping the future of retail.  


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