Sustainability Initiatives at 200 Lafayette

The preservation and reuse of the building formerly known as The Knickerbocker Telephone Company Building is sustainable stewardship of our environmental resources. Existing buildings represent an incredibly high embodied energy, meaning the energy and resources expended to build them, as well as what would be required to replace them. The preservation and adaptive reuse of this historic structure is an example of the most beneficial sustainable practice in building construction. From the exterior to the interior of the building, the design intent was to keep and restore as much of the existing structure as possible. The interior open floor layout takes full advantage of the existing column spacing as well as the natural light from the large windows on both Lafayette Street and Broome Street. New glass walls were installed to create conference rooms and offices where required without diminishing the transparency and airiness of the space. High efficiency mechanical equipment was installed. Given its dense urban setting, the building is very well connected within its community, with most employees commuting by foot, bicycle or subway.