Sustainability Initiatives at 685 Fifth Avenue

The retail conversion project at 685 Fifth Avenue was a strategic reuse of an existing building to improve the leasable retail space by creating vertical retail with greater floor heights. The building was originally built in 1931 with additions and modifications undertaken in 1994. For this project, four existing floors were converted to three retail floors with taller floor-to-floor dimensions. The taller ceiling heights allowed tenants to use advanced building systems in the design of their spaces including the use of energy efficient lighting and mechanical systems. The greater heights also allow for greater exposure to natural light which has provided daylighting opportunities in the design of the tenants’ façade. All building designs meet the latest New York City Energy Conservation Codes. During the reconstruction of the building façade, materials were reclaimed and reused in a local development. The team recycled interior steel, miscellaneous metal and concrete during demolition. The location on upper Fifth Avenue in New York enjoys unparalleled foot traffic from visitors and locals who frequent this location by walking, biking or using public transportation. These preferred methods of transportation reduce the need for parking and the dependence on vehicles to visit the property.