Waitwhile: Smarter Wait Management

To accommodate for social distancing and occupancy restrictions, we launched Waitwhile, a line queueing software to facilitate line queueing for our brand partners. Waitwhile creates a safe shopping experience for customers and employees by tracking store occupancy and allowing customers to join a virtual waitlist or book in-store appointments. 

Our program has come to an end as of January 18th, 2021. Still interested in a line management partner? Please contact retail@waitwhile.com for more details on pricing and packages.

How It Works

1. Shopper joins queue from their phone 
Let shoppers check-in to your queue via our property websites, on their phone or by just sending a text. 

2. Shoppers can see wait time and wait outside 
Shoppers are notified about their wait time via SMS and when it’s time to return. That means they can wait from anywhere (e.g. their car).

3. You serve shopper and call the next one
Once a shopper returns, check them off the waitlist and the system will call the next shopper in line. 

Waitwhile Instructional Video